Kali - Spiral Session Live Recording

Live recording of our unreleased song "Kali" from our visit at Spriral Sessions.

DeZombify Yourself - Episode 1

We tend to get immersed in stupid behavior. Sometimes it is good to get a wake-up call.

DeZombify Yourself - Episode 2

This is to celebrate our first 10.000 twitter followers...

DeZombify Yourself - Episode 3

"Just a Zombie" is the 20.000 Twitter follower release from Anokato. It is a prequel to the ongoing motto "DeZombification". "Are you all just Zombies? Do you walk like them ...". The song starts out with some slow to taunchy sounds. Saturated guitar tone bleeds out some nice distressed post punk tone together with grainy and raspy vocals. "Just a Zombie" has a great throbbing sound and a hypnotic skip about the drum beat. The style mixes gothic rock with a more friendly skipping beat that has more in common with post punk new wave. Happy "DeZombification"...

DeZombify Yourself - Episode 4

This is our 30.000 followers song and it turned out to be a bit different in style compared to our other releases. It builds up very nicely and we love to play it live. The song refers to Egyptian mythology concerning the Nile River and the - not always benevolent - spirits reigning over this watery kingdom... Featuring Lilly┬┤s great voice as lead vocals. Tune in...